Pink Panther
Pink Panther
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Active


Species: Panther
Friends: Orange (e)
Enemies: Grapefruit, Liam the Leprechaun
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: The Movie (Cameo)

Pink Panther is a rare minor character in the series. he usually appears as a cameo character and he barely knows Orange.


Orange = They don't hang out that much but he knows Orange in town sometimes and Pink panther can understand him, however Pink Panther doesn't know Orange's Annoyance.

Grapefruit = When he heard Grapefruit's jerkiness of orange giving up, he doesn't seem to like him so much and grows a sting dislike but they barley seen each other, other then Pink Panther.

Appearance in episodes


  • He possibly might meet Orange in later episodes.
  • Pink Panther is (one of) the only characters who doesn't find Orange that annoying.


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