AO Pineapple
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Death spot
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Orange (Comedy Roast), Pear (possibly)
Enemies: Orange (Pain Apple), Haloweenie, Knife
Death(s): Sliced by Knife, got eaten by Haloweenie two times
Family: Pineapples
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: Pain-apple
Portrayer: Zack Scott

Pineapple is a character in Annoying Orange: Pain-Apple killed and sliced into rings and he appears again in Annoying Orange: Annoying Tower Defense but he dies again by exploding just like the pineapples in Bloons Tower Defense 4. He later reappears in Annoying Orange: It's an Orange's World where he appears as the hair and torso of Liam's Monster.

He also reappears in Annoying Orange: Frankenfruit 3 as the left arm of Frankenfruit.