Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Failed death spot (The Sitcom to 2012 Frankenfruit) but returned as a ghost (e)
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Passion Fruit, Pear, Orange
Enemies: Knife (Because Hes Scared Of Him)
Death(s): Body: sliced by Knife (revived)

Ghost: eaten by Midget Apple

Family: Mark
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: The Sitcom
Portrayer: Joe Bereta

Pepper is a character who was featured and died in Annoying Orange: The Sitcom. His ghost was featured in Punker Face so he could avenge his death, but got sucked up by Midget Apple. He later was splat all over Thomas John's car. He reappeared his whole body in 2012 Frankenfruit as the own body of the tiltular monster's mailman. and got revived by Orange Seed.