Fat boy boo head
Character Information
Gender: Male (Female in Annoying Orange: Cranberry)
Credits: Protagonist/main character
Also known as: Apple, Onion Dip, Onion, Grape, Idiot, Earthlings, Irrataiting, Annoying, Cumquat, McFly, New Bieber, Boris, George, Casear of Citris, Prince of Puns, Annoying One
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Secret Squirrel (new best Friend), Bugs Bunny (second new best friend), Larry the Cucumber, Annoying Clyde UTTP Apple, Pear, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Knife (as character)
Grapefruit (one-sided), Grapefruit's Mailman, Rabbids, Grandpa Lemon, most other guest characters (though they don't always seem to return the favor), Mr. Funny, Mr. Nosey (at the begining), Shelly, Karla, Mart, Spiderman, Snowball, Ice-cube, Cheez-It (most of the time), Billy, Phineas, Ferb, Dane Boedigheimer, Porky Pig, Lola Bunny, Henry Hawk, Tweety, Anton, Red Bird, Santa Claus,Comet, Marvin the Martian, K-9, Doug, Yoshi, Ed Bighead, Slender Man, Victor Frankenstein, Nassor, Wierd Girl, Kyle (Formerly), Stan Marsh (One-sided), Eric Cartman, Kenny, Butters (possibly), SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward, Other Orange (one of Orange's best friends), Computer, Duck Tape.
Enemies: Orange Group, Orange Equals Annoying Orange, YouTube, Jigsaw, Grapefruit(one-sided),Grapefruit's Sister, Grapefruit's Second Cousin, Grapefruit's Grandpa, Fred Figglehorn, Avocado Pit(first sight), Frankenfruit, Halloweenie, Liam the Leprechaun(one-sided), Coconut, Mr. Nosey,Mr. Happy,Guava, Young Appple, Apple Juice, Young Potato,Sonic, Cob, Starfruit, Giant Rodrick,Mystery Cameo, Orange's Big Brother(who is a bully), Tina Rex, Ed Bighead(Formaly), Rigby,Strongbad, Trogdor, Julian Smith, Slender Man (One-Sided), Mr. whiskers, Toshiaki, Kyle, Stan (one-sided), Archday, SpongeBob SquarePants (Usually), Squidward (Occasionally), Fortune Cookie Two's Dad.
Death(s): Annoying Orange: Wasteland Wackiness (Final Episode)
Family: Mama Orange (mother), Papa Orange (father), Blueberry (fake father), Other Orange (brother), Orange Groupe (brothers), Orange Chocolate Box (brothers), Orange's One Million Clones, Orange's Big Brother
First Appearance: The Annoying Orange: The Younger Years
Portrayer: Dane Boedigheimer



October 8, 2009 (age 4)


Being Annoying

Years Active

2009 - Present

Orange is one of the main characters and loves to annoy fruits and vegetables in this series known as The Annoying Orange.

His abrasive side first appeared in Annoying Orange: Abrasive Side. He is voiced by Dane Boedigheimer. His abrasive side is voiced by Tobuscus.


Orange began as the main character in the series when Dane Boedigheimer had an Orange Grove outside of his apartment far but near his house all of Oranges were gone cause his
Orange Grove

The idea that led to the character of The Annoying Orange.

brother Luke used them all as Orange juice and ate some. But there was only one Orange left that Dane could have, Dane angrily snatched the Orange from Luke at night at his kitchen and later used a special program called Adobe After Effects and put his face on him. But he did not star in his first episode. His first episode was created by Hossguy Pictures in The Annoying Orange: The Younger Years which showed Orange and Apple as young kids and Orange had no friends like Apple and Potato it came around on April 18, 2008. He was a grown up in his first episode by Daneboe who made him annoying apple as a teenager and Pear.

He got invited to a chocolate factory in Orange and the Fruit Factory.

Relationships With Other Characters


Main article: Pear

Pear is Orange's best friend. Although constantly annoyed by Orange, Pear has later calmed down and have been very good friends with Orange. Previously, Pear started out with suicidal thoughts.

Passion Fruit

Main article: Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is Orange's good friend, and love interest. Orange tries to deny that he really loves Passion, as seen in The Sitcom. Passion Fruit can get mad at Orange if he annoys her by cracking puns. She did not appear in the anniversary of Orange's first birthday; the reason is Pear and the gang don't know Orange loves her. Orange still cares about Passion and vice versa.

Midget Apple

Main article: Midget Apple

Midget Apple befriended Orange in Crabapple. He is a friend of Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, and Passion Fruit, but simply hates being called Midget Apple. Orange often gets on his nerve from the usual "little apple" quote, although they do share many good times and adventures with each other.


Main article: Marshmallow

Orange befriended Marshmallow in Annoying Saw 2. He doesn't show any signs of being angry at Orange. Orange has been known to care about Marshmallow's well being.


Main article: Apple

Orange liked Apple on a side, but Apple seemed to dislike Orange, due to repeatedly being annoyed by his jokes, and puns. Orange watched Apple's death in horror.


Main article: Orange (Season 2)
Orange disliked the more annoying orange that appeared in More Annoying Orange. Orange reversed the process of what the episodes are done normally and annoyed Orange with his more exasperating jokes, interruptions and puns. Unlike many other characters' deaths, Orange laughed out loud when Orange was knifed and juiced.

Dane Boedigheimer

Main article: Dane Boedigheimer

Dane Boedigheimer is the owner of Orange. Dane Boedigheimer got angered when Orange said "he smells like broccoli" in the episode Hey YouTube! Despite that, Boedigheimer still shows signs of caring for his orange, yelling at YouTube because he injected Orange with the swine flu.


Main article: Sonic

Sonic and Orange liked each other in the beginning, but they became enemies when Orange told him that Mario was better than him in the middle, making Sonic angry. Robots soon came and killed Sonic, Orange was happy when he died. He also appeared in fanboys at the very beginning where he was killed by Knife.


Main article: Strong

Strong the Super Mutant dislikes Annoying Orange, so he killed him.



  • "Hey (insert name of other character here)!"
  • "Hey Apple!"
  • "Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya! (laughs)
  • "Knife!"
  • "I'm not a (insert name here)! I'm an orange!
  • "Poor Tangerine, why does he have to go?"
  • "How do I get out of here?"
  • "I'm an Orange, that's a key, there's an emo clown on T.V.!"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "Not now, Pear!"
  • "Applecadabra!"
  • "Well, well, isn't it Snapefruit!"
  • "Moldywarts, Moldwarts, he wears moldy undershorts!"
  • "You're a bear?! AAAH! DON'T EAT ME!"
  • "Yay! I'm a apple!"
  • "Robots!"
  • "Who?"
  • "I'm a Orange you're not me! Jigsaw has to take a pee!
  • "Metroid!"
  • "Nya Nya Nya"(babble)
  • "What the?"
  • "WAZZUP!"
  • "Midget Apple!"
  • "Hey Pear"
  • "That's gettin' old!"
  • "Whoa! You must be my big brother!"
  • "Plumpkin!"
  • "Apple!"
  • "What? Why are you not SUCKING?!?"


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