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Image Name Summary
Annoying Orange younger years The Annoying Orange: The Younger Years Orange is young and he annoys his friend Apple.

The Annoying Orange Remix - Hey Apple!!!!

Annoying Orange Remix

Fanon Season 1 (Episodes 1-50) (January 16, 2009 to December 24, 2010)

Image Name Summary Airdate
Annoying Orange Pilot Orange Annoying Orange: Pilot Orange Orange becomes a pilot and annoys the living crap out of planes, skydivers, and Air Force pilots. 1/16/09
Annoying Orange: The Leprechaun Dies Orange doesn't know he was asleep in the kitchen then he realizes Liam died, so Liam tries to revive in a bible. 1/23/09
Annoying Orange Woodstock Shelly Annoying Orange: Woodstock Shelly Shelly, Karla, and Mart have been shrunk down tiny and they find their way in the Kitchen and meet Orange hoping he could help them grow back. 1/30/09
Annoying Orange The Sitcom Fanon Annoying Orange: The Sitcom Fanon Version Orange and the gang star in a sitcom when peach comes to the kitchen to kiss Pear. 2/6/09
Annoying Orange Sings The Gummy Bear Song Orange meets a green gummy bear, but does not know what happens to a funny song the gummy bear sang. 2/13/09
Annoying Orange Annoying Tower Defense Annoying Orange: Annoying Tower Defense Orange plays Bloons Tower Defense and begins another wazzup chat with Monkiwi and lets Marshmallow play the game, but chaos happens when Marshmallow doesn't give the game back to Orange. 2/20/09
Beaveranget apple
Annoying Orange: Justin Bieber Liam loses a pot of gold to Orange and gets Justin Bieber to help him get it back. 2/27/09
Annoying Orange Punker Face Annoying Orange: Punker Face Pepper returns as a ghost and insults Orange and the gang. 3/6/09
Annoying Orange Yellow Peppers Or Yegg Rolls Annoying Orange: Yellow Peppers or Yegg Rolls Orange is forced to join a team of Yellow Peppers or Egg Rolls. 3/13/09
Annoying Orange Dexter's Laboratory
Annoying Orange: Dexter's Laboratory

Orange and Passion unusually appear in Dexter's Laboratory to do the second viral vote and they annoy Dexter.

Annoying Orange Viral Vote 2
Annoying Orange: Viral Vote 2 Orange and the gang do another viral vote over funny and top viewed videos on youtube including parodys of: Charlie Bit My Finger, Sittin On Tah Toilet, Angry Cat, Charlie Teh Unicron, and Off The Pill. 3/27/09
Annoying Orange Bit My Peel Annoying Orange: Bit my Peel Orange bites Midget Apple's peel two times making his peel hurt. 4/3/09
Annoying Orange: Dexter Returns The viral vote is interrupted by Dexter and they annoy him again. 4/10/09
Annoying Orange Sittin On The Counter
Annoying Orange: Sittin On The Counter Sittin on the counter is Orange's favorite thing to do every day. 4/17/09
Annoying Orange Angry Orange
Annoying Orange: Angry Orange Pear makes Orange angry when he talks to him a lot to him. 4/20/09
Annoying Orange Meets Charlie Teh Unicron
Annoying Orange Meets Charlie Teh Unicron Orange and Marshmallow set the forest on fire so they deside to save Charlie Teh Unicron, Pear, and Midget Apple to a safe spot. 4/21/09
Annoying Orange Off The Orange Annoying Orange: Off The Orange Orange talks about the winning viral videos and annoying foods in this spoof of Nigahiga's videos Off The Pill. 4/22/09
Annoying Orange Dragonfruit Annoying Orange: Dragonfruit Orange annoys the crap out of an angry Dragonfruit 4/23/09
Annoying Orange Meets Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifah Jackson Annoying Orange meets Bunifa Laifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson Orange meets Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson 4/24/09
Annoying Orange Bake Sale Pee Annoying Orange: Bake Sale Pear starts a bake sale and contests so everybody in the kitchen to see if they can make good cakes. 5/1/09
Annoying Orange The New Wazzup Annoying Orange: The New Wazzup!

Strawberry Pop-Tart comes to the kitchen to see if she can sing a romantic song to her friends, but Orange and the gang have something else up their sleeves.

Annoying Orange The Orange Show Annoying Orange: The Orange Show Orange creates a show about a talk show of food special guests and becomes famous. 5/15/09
Annoying Orange Burp Annoying Orange: Burp Orange needs to enter a burp contest but realizes he can't burp. 5/22/09
Annoying Orange The Annoying Death Trap 3 Annoying Orange: The Annoying Death Trap 3 Jigsaw kidnaps Shelly and it's up to Orange to save her and annoy a certain female fruit in the process. 5/29/09
Annoying Orange Orange's Sister Annoying Orange: Orange's Sister Orange's twin sisters Clementine and Tangerine come to the kitchen to win the heart of Fortune Cookie, but instead scares him, Ms. Fortune Cookie, Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, Shelly, and Midget Apple 6/5/09
Annoying Orange: 2 Stupid Dogs Orange goes on his own secret mission to help Morroco Mole and Secret Squirrel and annoy the heck out of villians and talk to Peabody and John. 6/12/09
Annoying Orange Batman Annoying Orange: Batman Orange meets Batman and becomes Batorange and fights crime by annoying the crap out of villains. 6/19/09
Annoying Orange Cranberry Annoying Orange: Cranberry Orange annoys the living crap out of a Cranberry on Thanksgiving. 6/26/09
Annoying Orange Two Million Clones Annoying Orange: Two Million Clones! Orange gets two million subscribers and gets cloned two million times. 7/3/09
Annoying Orange Fresh Orange Of Bel Air Annoying Orange: Fresh Orange Of Bel Air Orange is forced by Pear and the gang to move to a place called Bel Air with a family and annoys the living crap out of them. 7/10/09
Annoying Orange Peanut Butter Jelly Time Pingas Annoying Orange: Peanut Butter Jelly Time Pingas Orange, Marshmallow, and Shelly watch a movie called Peanut Butter Jelly Time and Dr.Robotnik makes a Pingas Machine and it turns out to be a horror movie. 7/17/09
Annoying Orange Meets Wow Wow Wubbzy Annnoying Orange Meets Wow Wow Wubbzy Orange and Pear end up in Wuzzleburg and meet Wubbzy and Orange annoys him by calling him a apple. 7/24/09
Annoying Orange Meets Fanboy and Chum Chum Annoying Orange Meets Fanboy and Chum Chum Orange and Pear end up in Fanboy and Chum Chum's world and Orange and Pear want to become super heroes just like them and they get a lesson from them. 7/31/09
World Domination Annoying Orange: World Domination Iron Fist gives Orange a chance to rule the world. 8/7/09
Annoying Orange at the Haunted Sea Annoying Orange at the Haunted Sea Orange meets a long-forgotten movie monster. 8/14/09
Annoying Orange: America's Got Talent Orange signs up for America's Got Talent and annoys contestants. 8/21/09
ExecutiveMeddling Annoying Orange: Executive Meddling Orange's agent Iron Fist tries to make him less annoying. 8/28/09
Annoying Orange Mecha Orange Annoying Orange: Mecha Orange Pear replaces Orange with a robot version of him causing the robot to do many things in the kitchen and less annoying. So it's up to Orange to stop him and once for all. 9/5/09
Annoying Orange Meets Shrek

Orange annoys Shrek who is more annoying than Donkey!

Annoying Orange Big Orange, Little Orange Annoying Orange: Big Orange and Little Orange Orange tries different sizes of big and small on a mission test of a optical course using them. 9/19/09
Annoying Orange Passion's Parents Annoying Orange: Passion's Parents Orange learns that Passion Fruit has a mom and dad and they come to the kitchen proving she has parents. 9/26/09
Annoying Orange: Regular Show Annoying Orange annoys Mordecai and Rigby but Rigby seems to get more annoyed. 10/3/09
Annoying Orange Water Bottling Annoying Orange: Water Bottling Orange annoys the crap out of a Water Bottle. 10/10/09
Annoying Orange Hot Dog Alert

Annoying Orange: Hot Dog Alert

Orange is bored he want's to have some fun. Later Haloweenie shows up with a couple of Hot Dogs all they could kill was IPod. 10/17/09
Mr Men Annoying Orange: Mr. Men Orange finds a Mr. Men called Mr. Happy. Orange and Mr. Funny annoy the crap out of him. 10/24/09
00funniestFace Annoying Orange: Who Has the Funniest Face Orange makes a contest about who has the funniest face these Mr. Mens join the contest Mr. Funny and Mr. Nosey and Mr. Funny wins. 11/6/09
00KitchenCarnage2 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage 2 Orange, Pear and friends find a couple of characters that die. 11/13/09
Annoying Orange Meets Sonic
Annoying Orange: Orange meets sonic Orange meets Sonic when he finds himself in the kitchen and annoying so he and Orange tell some jokes. 11/20/09
00Tenner Ball Annoying Orange: Tenner Ball Orange finds a Tennis Ball and he annoys the crap out of him. 11/27/09
Annoying Orange: Back In Action Orange and the gang are sent to the real world. 12/4/09
AO Christmas: Annoying Orange: Technical Christmas! Orange and the gang celebrate Christmas with Apple and Blackberry as they tell jokes. 12/25/09

Season 2 Episodes 51-153

Image Name Summary

Annoying Orange Spiderman

Annoying Orange: Spiderman Orange meets Spiderman and annoys the living crap out of him.
Annoying Orange Fruit Father's Day Annoying Orange: Fruit Father's Day Orange annoys the crap out of an Asparagus and Orange's fathers Blueberry and Papa Orange come to annoy Asparagus and can't deside who's Orange's real father
Annoying Orange Pear's Hair Annoying Orange: Pear's Hair Pear goes to lemon to grow hair and he pays 50 stones (Pear pays 50 stones cause you don't pay money you pay stones) but his hair gets cut of by a buzzer.
Annoying Orange Basketbrawl Annoying Orange: Basketbrawl Orange annoys the crap out of a basketball on a court.
Annoying Orange Spiderman's Revenge
Annoying Orange: Spiderman's Revenge Spiderman comes alive and becomes Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit and Shelly's friend.
Annoying Orange Guwava Annoying Orange: Guwava Orange and his friends enjoy summer, until an angry guava shows up. They all annoy the guava altogether.
Annoying Orange King Of Fruits Annoying Orange: King of Fruits Orange meets the king of fruits, Durian.
Annoying Orange: Milkin' Milkshake Orange meets a milk bottle and annoys the heck out of him.
Annoying Orange Pokemon Annoying Orange: Pokemon Orange was sent to the anime version of the Pokemon World, through his television set. In this world, he annoys Ash Ketchum.
00WazzupWithSpiderman Annoying Orange: Even More Annoying Orange Orange meets another orange who is 20 times more annoying than him.
Annoying Orange Super Mario 2 Annoying Orange: Annoying Super Mario 2 Mario comes back for revenge on Orange with his secret weapon: Luigi his brother.
Annoying Orange Even More Annoying Orange Annoying Orange: Wazzup with Spiderman Orange is bored he wants to have some fun so he decides to say wazzup and his friends copy him. Even Spiderman joins him.
Who's an Angry Pal. Annoying Orange: Who's an Angry Pal Orange and the gang make a fake version of Grapefruit angry.
Happppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp Annoying Orange: Passion's Birthday Today is Passion Fruit's Birthday what happens if Orange forgets her birthday.
Annoying Orange The Motion Picture Annoying Orange: The Motion Picture Orange and Pear make The Annoying Orange a movie but they always fail at making it.
Annoying Orange Happy Birthday! 2 Annoying Orange: Happy Birthday! 2 Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and Passion Fruit celebrate Orange's second birthday when giving him a DS Pony.
Annoying Orange A Annoying Carol Annoying Orange: A Annoying Carol Mistletoe takes Orange to the future and the past to help him fix things.
Annoying Laser Annoying Orange: Annoying Lazer Orange goes up to Shoop Da Whoop when causing mayhem in the kitchen by shooting lazers at foods.
Annoying Orange The Ultimate Wazzup Annoying Orange: The Ultimate Wazzup Orange and the gang in wazzup episodes star in their fifth wazzup episode.
Annoying Orange Orange's Brother
Annoying Orange: Orange's Brother Orange meets his long lost older brother and they both annoy a cherry.
Annoying Orange - Scaredy Squirrel Orange meets Scaredy and he and Dave annoy the crap out of him. Or will they???? 
Annoying Orange Legend Of Zelda
Annoying Orange: Legend of Zelda Orange annoys the crap out of Link.
Annoying Orange Food Court 2
Annoying Orange: Food Court 2 Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grandpa Lemon and Passion Fruit are sent into the food court by Liam the Leprechaun again.
Annoying Orange Annoying Pear 2
Annoying Orange: Annoying Pear 2 Orange gets a high fever, so Pear has to take over him again by annoying a watermelon slice.
Annoying Orange Liam's Nasty Plan
Annoying Orange: Liam's Nasty Plan Liam comes back to the kitchen and burns Orange's family picture, making Orange very angry.
Annoying Orange Wazzup Band
Annoying Orange: Wazzup Band Orange and the gang interrupts four White Radishes, who are having a concert practice.
Annoying Orange Hair-Fruit
Annoying Orange: Hair-fruit Orange annoys the crap out of a rambutan by calling him a Hairfruit.
Annoying Orange Adventure Time
Annoying Orange: Adventure Time Orange annoys the crap out of Finn and Jake .
Annoying Orange: Adventure Time Outtakes Annoying Orange outtakes.
Annoying Orange Orange Destroys The Earth
Annoying Orange: Orange Destroys The Earth Orange wants to destroy the earth and soon he meets Marvin and makes him destroy the earth and Orange does, thinking that he killed his friends.
Annoying Orange Honeydew's Help
Annoying Orange: Honeydew's Help While Orange tries to annoy a custard apple, he believes that no one likes his jokes and puns, so Honeydew helps him out.
Annoying Orange Meets Marvin The Martian
Annoying Orange Meets Marvin the Martian Orange annoys the crap out of Marvin and K-9 but soon Marvin needs his help.
Annoying Orange: Annoying Tennis Orange plays tennis.
Annoying Orange Meets Spongebob Squarepants
Annoying Orange Meets Spongebob Squarepants Orange and the gang meet Spongebob and Patrick and they all annoy Squidward.
Annoying orange & strongbad
Annoying Orange: Strong Bad's Cool Game For Annoying People

Orange gets in another video and annoys Strong Bad.

Annoying Orange Fruits Around The World
Annoying Orange: Fruits Around the World Orange travels around the world and annoy all the fruits around the world.
Annoying Orange Mystery Guest 2
Annoying Orange: Mystery Guest 2 Orange has to fight another guest.
Annoying Orange Meets Kirby
Annoying Orange Meets Kirby While Orange annoys Kirby, Kirby inhales Orange into him and gives Kirby the ability to annoy his enemies, friends, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee.
Annoying Orange Meets Godzilla
Annoying Orange Meets Godzilla Orange meets a old giant famed movie monster Godzilla and Orange annoys him.
Annoying Orange Meets King Kong
Annoying Orange Meets King Kong Orange meets another movie monster King Kong and annoys him.
Annoying Orange What the Heck
Annoying Orange: What the Heck Orange, Spiderman, and Mr. Funny find blood they don't understand where it came from.
Annoying Orange: Adventure Time 2 Orange annoys Finn and Jake but instead, Finn and Jake apologize to Orange for being rude to him so they become friends now.
Annoying Orange Kitchen Carnage 3
Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage 3 More fruits and vegetables get killed by Daneboe again.
Annoying Orange G.I. Joe
Annoying Orange: G.I. Joe Orange annoys the crap out of Cobra Commander.
Annoying Orange Indiana Jones
Annoying Orange: Indiana Jones Orange annoys the crap out of Indiana Jones when he is looking for the Crystal Skull.
Annoying Orange Annoying Autumn
Annoying Orange: Annoying Autumn Orange annoys a leaf for autumn season.
Annoying Orange Mr. Lazy
Annoying Orange: Mr. Lazy Orange finds Mr. Lazy
Annoying Orange Pokemon 2
Annoying Orange: Pokemon 2 Ash Ketchum comes to the kitchen for revenge with a new weapon, his Charizard.
Annoying Orange: Spy vs Spy Orange meets Black Spy.
Annoying Orange Rayman and Rabbids
Annoying Orange: Rayman and Rabbids Annoying Orange and Pear join forces with the Rabbids and annoys the crap out of Rayman.
Annoying Orange: Who Has the Funniest Face 2 When a Winter Melon shows up, Honeydew joins in the funny face contest with him.
Annoying Orange: Shut Up While annoying a potato, Orange didn't notice that Potato has a magic lamp. Things get worse when Potato wishes for Orange to have his mouth glued.
Annoying Orange Metroid
Annoying Orange: Metroid When Orange was transfered to Planet Zebes, he annoys Samus and then Ridley.
Annoying Orange Go Karting
Annoying Orange: Go Karting Grapefruit challenges Orange into a Kart Racing Chalange.
Annoying Orange: Seasons Change Orange annoys a flower during spring, the sun during summer, another leaf during autumn, and a snowman during winter.
Annoying Orange: Warlord's Revenge The space warlord returns for revenge.
Annoying Orange VS Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig Liam sends Orange to fight Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig.
Annoying Orange: Road Runnah! Orange helps Wile E. Coyote to catch Road Runner.
Annoying Orange: Bugs Bunny'ed Orange meets and annoys Bugs Bunny. He doesn't get annoyed. He loves Orange's joke.
Annoying Orange: Duck and Amuck Orange annoys Daffy Duck.
Annoying Orange: Foghorned Leghorned Orange annoys Foghorn Leghorn along with Henry Hawk.
Annoying Orange: Tom, Jerry, and Orange Orange and Jerry annoy the crap out of Tom.
Annoying Orange: Call of Cauliflower Orange annoys a Cauliflower.
Annoying Orange: Mr. Grumpy Orange annoys Mr. Grumpy.
Annoying Orange: Annoying Wikia Orange annoys the users on the wikia like Abooy, Supersonicfan23, Gemstones, Brenden190, Brenden19011, HenryMedals, and KooKooManGuy.
Annoying Orange: Unicorn Land Orange and the gang go to Unicorn Land to help Marshmallow save Princess Butterfly Kiss from the Dark Unicorns.
Annoying Orange Meets The Amazing World Of Gumball
Annoying Orange Meets The Amazing World Of Gumball Orange and Pear get sent to Elmore to annoy Gumball and Darwin.
Annoying Orange: Peenut Orange annoys a Peanut, a Peach and a Nail.
Annoying Orange: Ms Apricot Orange meets his cousin.
Annoying Orange: Nothing But An Apple Orange meets a watermelon but re-meets a soccer ball.
Annoying Orange: When Aliens Attack Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow got attacked by some aliens.
Orange Head! Annoying Orange: Mr. PO-TAY-TOE Head Orange Annoys Mr. Potato Head INTO CRAP!!!
Annoying Orange: Pocket God Idiots Orange annoys the crap out of Ooga and the pgymies (but the pgymies like to swear.)
Annoying Orange: The Movie A special film that features Annoying Orange.
Annoying Orange: Pewdiepie

Season 3 Episodes 154-248

Image Name Summary
Annoying Orange: My Little Pony: The Movie (2023 Film) Orange and the gang meets the mane 6 and their dragons at abby's birthday.
Annoying Orange: Eyeball
Annoying Orange: The Captive Orange Orange writes a bio about him escaping a fruit's prison.
Annoying Orange: Rickrolled Orange annoys Rick Astley.
Annoying Orange: Care Bears Orange annoys a band of Care Bears.
Annoying Orange: Killing Spree The weather was stormy so Orange and his friends decided to go inside the house. But, most of orange's guests gets killed.
Cheez-it annoying orange
Annoying Orange: Cheez-It Orange annoys a blueberry and a Cheez-It.
Annoying Orange: Strawberry Clock Orange annoys The Clock Crew, ending cameo Lock Legion (Mars Lock).
Annoying Orange: Smurfs Orange annoys some Smurfs.
Annoying Orange: Billy and Mandy Orange and Billy annoy the crap out of Mandy.
Annoying Orange: Philip's CD-I Orange buys a Philip's CD-I and plays it and gives him a nightmare of the CD-I.
Annoying Orange: Orange's Pet Orange adopts Dog Biscuit as a pet.
Annoying Orange: Troll Face Orange annoys a Troll Face.
Annoying Orange: Epic Fail Orange annoys the Epic Fail Guy.
Annoying Orange: French Fry Orange annoys a French Fry.
Annoying Orange: The Evil Shadow Orange's Shadow comes to life to fight Orange.
Annoying Orange: The Drawn Orange A drawing of Orange comes to turn the kitchen into a drawing.
Annoying Orange: Coca Cola Annoying Orange annoys a coke but fails.
Annoying Orange: The Most Annoying Orange

Annoying Orange and The Annoying Orange come to the kitchen to annoy Orange and his friends.

Note: The two oranges were clones.

Annoying Orange: Orange's Clone A clone of Orange comes to the kitchen to annoy him and copy everything Orange says.
Annoying Orange: Knife vs. Sharpener Orange declares a battle between Knife and Sharpener of dullness but Sharpener wins.
Annoying Orange: Blocked Orange reveals he had been hacked and blocked on YouTube.
Annoying Orange: Orange's Move After all of the events he had in the kitchen he desides to move with his family but later his friends want him to come back.
Annoying Orange: Carpenter Kitchen Annoying Orange annoys tools from a toolbox.
Annoying Orange: Hawaiian Vacation Part 1 Orange and the gang go to Hawai for vacation and soon Passion meets a cool surfer, Marshmallow and Midget Apple join the hula dancers, and Orange and Pear find some old stuff in their hotel room.
Annoying Orange: Hawaiian Vacation Part 2 After part 1, Orange and the gang find a locket which gives them bad luck.
Annoying Orange: Barney Orange and Marshmallow annoy the crap out of Barney.
Annoying Orange: Dick Figures Orange annoys Red and Blue.
Annoying Orange: Happy Tree Friends Annoying Orange annoys all of the Happy Tree Friends
Annoying Orange Meets Chowder Orange goes to Marzipan to annoy Chowder, Mung Daal, and Schnitzel.
Annoying Orange: Turnabout Orange Orange and the gang are sent to the real court to witness Orange.
Annoying Orange: Mario and Luigi Come Back Mario and Luigi return to the kitchen back in action to stop Bowser and his minons from taking over the kitchen.
Annoying Orange: Phineas and Ferb Orange helps Phineas and Ferb build a giant house before Candice finds out.
Annoying Orange: R.I.P. Smart Fruit Smart Fruit dies but Orange is somehow happy.
Annoying Orange: Parallel Universe Liam takes Orange and Pear to the parallel universe which everything is their polar opposites.
Annoying Orange: Angry German Kid Orange annoys the crap out of The Angry German Kid when he wants to play Unreal Tournament.
Annoying Orange: I-Scream Orange annoys the crap out of Ice Creams.
Annoying Orange: Sugar Rush Orange annoys a Sugar Cube.
Annoying Orange: Sonic's Return Sonic comes back to the kitchen with revenge.
Annoying Orange: The Fairy Odd Parents Orange and the Fairies annoy Timmy, but Timmy doesn't seemed to get annoyed, then they annoy Vicky instead.
Annoying Orange: DIC DIC Entertainment cartoons come to haunt Orange and the Gang.
Annoying Orange: A is for Annoying Orange teaches the alphabet.
Annoying Orange: The Pictured Episode An episode made of Pictures of Annoying Orange.
Annoying Orange: A-corn Orange annoys the crap out of an angry Acorn.
Annoying Orange: Orange's Job Pear wants Orange to get a job.
Annoying Orange: Liam's Robot Liam creates a robot to kill Orange.
Annoying Orange: Ben 10 Orange annoys the crap out of Ben.
Annoying Orange: Orange Swears Orange swears in the kitchen when he says bad words.
Annoying Orange: Earthbound Orange annoys Ness.
Annoying Orange: Stairing Contest Orange and Pear have a stairing contest.
Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage 4 More fruits and vegatables die.
Annoying Orange: Orange's Big Brother Orange's big brother comes to the kitchen and beats up Orange's friends.
Annoying Orange: Agent P and Agent O: The fight against Dr D and the Two Million Clones In The Kitchen Orange and Perry fight Dr. D and The Two Million Clones in the kitchen.
Annoying Orange: Gets Autotuned Again Apple autotunes Orange again showing the world how less annoying Orange is.
Annoying Orange: How To Make An Orange Less Annoying Pear trys to make Orange "less annoying."
Annoying Orange: The Video Game Orange trys to make his series into a video game.
Annoying Orange: Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood Orange annoys Mr. Rodgers and his neighbors.
Annoying Orange: Bar Fight Orange and the gang go to a bar and Orange starts a fight.

Annoying Orange: The Pranks

Orange and the gang play pranks on each other.
Annoying Orange: First Person Fruiter 2 Orange goes in first person to stop knife from killing his friends.
Annoying Orange: Little Misses Orange finds little misses and annoys them.
Annoying Orange: Technical Difficulties Technical Difficulties happen on the T.V. in the kitchen.
Annoying Orange Meets Cuddles Dane's dog Cuddles comes to the kitchen and makes trouble by eating the fruits.
Annoying Orange: Cut The Rope Orange annoys Om Um.
Annoying Orange Through Time 4 Orange goes back in time to annoy a Trojan Horse, Thomas Edison, and The Great Wall of China.
Annoying Orange: Wheel Of Misfortune Orange goes on Wheel Of Fortune and annoys the host.
Annoying Orange: Beanie Babies 2.O. Orange annoys Beanie Babies.
Annoying Orange: Club Penguin Orange goes on Club Penguin and annoys Penguins.
Annoying Orange: Orange Goes Hollywood 2 The Cobs try to make Orange a star again but the hard way.
Annoying Orange: A Wish To Make Orange tries to make a wish come true.
Annoying Orange: Viral Vote 3 The gang spoofs more viral videos.
Annoying Orange: The Rot Song A rotten Orange and a rotten Pear spoof "The Fart Song".
Annoying Orange: Angry Kitchen Pear Pear spoofs Angry German Kid.
Annoying Orange: Double Cupboard Orange spoofs Double Rainbow.
Annoying Orange: Where's The Can-Opener? Passion spoofs "Where's The Chapstick?"
Annoying Orange: Chug-a-Chug-a-Choo-Choo Orange hates the episode called "Chug-a-Chug-a-Brew-Brew" so, he, and Pear go into Mondo Mini Shows.
Annoying Orange: Poo-Foo Orange goes to the Woo-Foo house and annoys Ying, and Yang.
Annoying Orange: Swip-Mish-Swap-Mosh Orange slows down being annoying because, Grapefruit said that if a fruit is a lot annoying, that fruit will be knifed. (Actually, it was just a joke.)
Annoying Orange: Razzled Raspberry Orange be's a jerk to Raspberry.
Annoying Orange: The Exploding Orange 2 Sniffles Orange gets the Sniffles and finds out it means his life is at risk.
Annnoying Orange: Return Of The Evil Orange. Evil Orange comes back to the kitchen to get his revenge on Orange.
Annoying Orange: Kids Of The Wild. The Kid Berries go to the wild with Orange, and Pear.
Annoying Orange: Christmas Caroling Orange and the gang go Christmas caroling
Annoying Orange: Frankenfruit 2 A Scientist recreates a different version of Frankenfruit.
Annoying Orange: Transformers Megatron comes to the kitchen to destroy Orange and the gang but Optimus Prime comes with the Autobots to stop him.

Annoying Orange: Across The 2nd Dimension

Orange and the gang go to the 2nd dimension ruled by Fred.
Annoying Orange: Frustrated Birds Orange meets the angry birds and annoys them to death.

Season 4 Episodes 246-393

Image No. Name Summary

Annoying Orange: Music Festival

Orange sings in a music festival and the other characters join in.
247 Anoying Orange: Democrat Lemon Orange annoys a democratic lemon, but also annoys a democratic crabapple.
248 Annoying Orange: The Backyardigans Orange meets the Backyardigans.
249 Annoying Orange: Mystery Fortune Fruit Orange annoys a mystery fortune grapefruit, which dosen't care about Orange's puns or jokes. He cares about magic.
250 Annoying Orange: Trollin' AGAIN! The trolls with three more trolls return to the kitchen and criticize everything again.
251 Annoying Orange: Homestar Runner Orange annoys the Homestar Runner characters.

Annoying Orange: Dr. Orange

Annoying Orange meets Dr. Orange, who is not only a doctor, but also a comedian, a painter, a judge and a lifeguard but Cheez-It and Watermelon are the only ones that belive on them.
253 Annoying Orange: Orange's Grandparents While annoying a pea pod, Orange's grandparents came to visit him and they all annoy the pea pod together.
254 Annoying Orange: Pear's Halloween Costume It is Halloween, everyone has a costume except Pear, so Orange and his friends must make one for him.
255 Annoying Orange: Pokemon 3 Ash Ketchum comes back to the kitchen for revenge again.
256 Annoying Orange: Abrasive Side After getting cut up by Knife and buried under a cemetery, Orange gets an abrasive side.
257 Annoying Orange: Orange's Resurrection Orange revives and comes back to the kitchen.
258 Annoying Orange: The World without Orange After getting ignored by all other characters, Orange really wishes that he wasn't born, so Mistletoe takes him to the world without him.
259 Annoying Orange: Orange goes to Europe Orange annoys a French Toast in Paris, a Pizza in Rome, sausages in Germany, and Big Ben in Europe.
260 Annoying Orange: Annoying Australia Orange annoys an eucalyptus tree and some bushes in Australia.
261 Annoying Orange: China and Japan Coconut revives and re-challenges Orange in a Japanese Dojo.
262 Annoying Orange: 911
263 Annoying Orange: The Whole Orange Family Orange's family tree came to visit and they all annoy all other fruits and vegetables (except Orange's friends) together.
264 Annoying Orange: Joke Telling Contest When a longan shows up, Orange joins the joke telling contest.
265 Annoying Orange: Apple Slice Orange and Apple meet an apple slice.
266 Annoying Orange: The Good, The Bad, and the Orange A cowboy version of Orange.
267 Annoying Orange: Previously On 2 What will happen to Orange again?
268 Annoying Orange: South Park Orange and Cartman annoy Stan and Kyle but Kyle seems to get more annoyed.
269 Annoyed Orange: The Simpsons Orange and Bart annoy Homer.
270 Annoying Orange: The Emo Orange A group of emo apples try to make Orange emo.
271 Annoying Orange: Aosdfmove Orange and the gang star in annoying orange asdfmovie style shorts.
272 Annoying Orange: Slap Chop Vince trys to kill Orange with his Slap Chop.
273 Annoying Orange: Irritation is Magic Orange and Marshmallow team up with Pinkie Pie to annoy Twilight Sparkle and Spike.
274 Annoying Orange: Welcome to Dirt Orange annoys Rango.
275 Annoying Orange: Mean Babysitter Liam hires a mean babysitter to beat up Orange and his friends.
276 Annoying Orange: The Good, The Bad and The Orange An episode based on the movie The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
277 Annoying Orange: YouTubers 2 Orange annoys a trio of apples, appahappa (nigahiga), Exotic Apple (Exotic Jess) and Apple Brueck (Kevin Brueck)
278 Annoying Orange: Unicorn Land 2 Marshmallow's dream comes true again.
279 Annoying Orange: Viral Vote 3 TBA
280 Annoying Orange: DEUUEAUGH Orange annoys the DEUUEAUGH Fish.
Annoying Orange I.M. Meen
281 Annoying Orange: I.M. Meen I.M. Meen traps Orange in his book and Orange must annoy him to free all of the kids I.M. Meen traped and Orange and the kids annoy I.M. Meen.
282 Annoying Orange: UFO Invasion After annoying an apple juice box, a UFO lands on the juice box to invade something in the kitchen.
283 Annoying Orange: The Voodoo You Do! 2 The voodoo apples try to torture Orange by using the newly improved Voodoo Doll.
284 Annoying Orange: Orange at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center Orange wakes up in the Arpeture Science Enrichment Center, and annoys GlaDOS.
285 Annoying Orange: Puppet Show Orange and Pear put on a puppet show.
286 Annoying Orange; Orange's Last Stand Liam the Lepercaun gets Annoying Orange in a Near death situation

Annoying Orange: Diamond Q

A confused diamond enters the kitchen, Cheez-It tries to be nice to Diamond.
288 Annoying Orange: Fruitfly Trouble Many fruitflies invade the kitchen and start eating the fruits.
289 Annoying Orange: The Un-Annoying Orange When Pear wishes that Orange isn't annoying, Orange becomes his polar opposite.
290 Annoying Orange: 20X6 Orange annoys Stinkoman.
291 Annoying Orange: Paranoia of Time Orange is sent by the Grandpa Lemon Tree to help Pear on his quest to save Hyrule from Grapefruitdorf. A parody of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
292 Annoying Orange: The New Batch Hordes of annoying oranges are unleashed upon an unsuspecting town. A parody of Gremlins.

Annoying Orange: Cheez-It vs. Orange Clock

Orange Clock returns to the kitchen to get revenge on Cheez-It.
294 Annoying Orange: Problem? Orange attempts to use logic to solve problems around the kitchen.
295 Annoying Orange: Thundercrats Orange annoys Lion-O.
296 Annoying Orange: Crash Bandicoot Orange and Crash annoy Dr. Cortex.
297 Annoying Orange: Mentos Orange annoys the crap out of a packet of Mentos.

Annoying Orange: Beat it!

Orange annoys a beat.
299 Annoying Orange: Everybody Annoys It Orange and Midget Apple team up for some real life jams!
300 Annoying Orange: Stunt Double Pear reveals Orange has a stunt double.
301 Annoying Orange: Diary of a Whimpy Kid Orange goes into Greg's diary and annoys Greg and Rowley.
302 Annoying Orange: Teen Girl Squad Orange goes into Strong Bad's comic and annoys the Teen Girl Squad.
303 Annoying Orange: Annoying Halloween Party Orange and the gang have a halloween party dressed in costumes.

Annoying Orange: Get Your Game Annoyed!

Orange annoys "Sorry!" the game.
305 Annoying Orange: Blast Through the Past Annoying Orange goes back in time and meets his baby self. His baby self isn't as annoying, so Orange teaches him to be annoying.
306 Annoying Orange: In Search of The Yello Cello Orange tries to impress Passion by getting her the Yello Cello. Spoof of In Search of The Yello Dello.
307 Annoying Orange: Doomy Tales of the Kitchen Midget Apple writes some doomy tales bringing the main charaters to their DOOOOOOOM!
308 Annoying Orange: The Muppet Show Orange appears as a guest star on the muppet show. He appears backstage as considerably larger than the muppets. He attempts to annoy Statler and Waldorf but Fozzie thinks he's taking over his act and attempts to get rid of him.
309 Annoying Orange: Annoying Orange Sings An advertisement of a soundtrack of the songs of Annoying Orange.
310 Annoying Orange: The Ballad of Orange TBA
311 Annoying Orange: Bone Orange annoys Fone, Phoney, and Smiley Bone.
312 Annoying Orange: Cheat Commandos Orange teams up with Gunhaver and the commandos to annoy and stop Blue Laser.
313 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage 4 Orange and the gang find friends who were revived come and they get killed by knife in the new adversitement for the game Kitchen Carnage 4.
314 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnge 5 Orange and the gang realize they are in the same store but at a different place and advertisement as they were last week. Some of their friends get killed.
315 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage 6 Orange and the gang are in the same store as last week, and they feel like there will never be enough kitchen carnages! They watch their friends get killed timidly.
316 Annoying Orange: Orange Discovers Annoying Orange Fanon Wiki Orange discovers the fanon wiki. Hilarity ensues.
317 Annoying Orange: 2001 Orange and the gang encounter a monolith.
318 Annoying Orange: An Apple A Day Orange, Pear and an apple meet the Doctor, and then Orange annoys an army of Daleks.
319 Annoying Orange: Orange Annoys A Thumbtack Orange annoys a thumbtack.
320 Annoying Orange: Lord of the Onion Rings A powerful and dangerous onion ring comes into Orange's possession, and now he has to cast it into the fireplace in the dining room.
321 Annoying Orange: Peasant's Quest Orange goes into Peasant's Quest and annoys Rather Dashing
322 Annoying Orange: Land of the Lost Orange annoys the Marshall family and some Sleestaks.
323 Annoying Orange: Futurama After Orange steps into a chamber he is sent into a thousand years and he annoys Fry, Bender, and Leela.
324 Annoying Orange: AnnoyingBob OrangePants Orange annoys SpongeBob.
325 Annoying Orange: Mentos WITH DIET COKE Orange annoys a bottle of Diet Coke and some nervous Mentos.
326 Annoying Orange: Sandy Cheeks Orange annoys Sandy Cheeks.
327 Annoying Orange: Orange Moves Out! Orange gets in a fight with all of his friends; except Passion. Passion and Orange team up and move out of the kitchen. Can this friendship be saved? Will Orange and Passion come back? Will Orange finally tell Passion how he feels about her?
328 Annoying Orange Voodoo 2: Mr. Happy Orange and Voodoo Doll annoy Mr. Happy.

Annoying Orange meets Michu the cat


Annoying Orange

cat jauuu daiaii

sun I kids doooottttt if 9 daaa
330 Annoying Orange: Pretty Patties Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Orange all annoy SpongeBob.
331 Annoying Orange: In Mario Land Part 1 TBA
332 Annoying Orange: The Montage Orange and Passion are now married, but they are forced by the owner of the kitchen to move out. But before they move out, they make a montage of flashbacks.
333 Annoying Orange: The Most Annoying Episode EVER Orange and his multiple clones annoy Dough and Cheese.
334 Annoying Orange: The Most Funniest Episode EVER Annoying Orange & The Others Use Fegel-Rage to kill Fred.
335 Annoying Orange: A Curious Mistake. Orange deletes MY NAME IS DARKRAI!! (Or whatever you say that) because, he said that it was a mistake.
336 Annoying Orange: In Mario Land Part 2 TBA
337 Annoying Orange: Try Not To Laugh ! Annoying Orange challenges everyone to a "Try Not To Laugh" Challenge.
338 Annoying Orange: Viral Vote 4 Orange & The Gang spoof Kid Gets Owned By Packpacks, INVASION!!!, YO MAMA!, The Impossible Situp, & Tonight, Tonight.
339 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage EXTREME It's just another fine day....Until more fruits get killed and Orange and the gang team up with many diffrent cartoon characters!
340 Annoying Orange: Chweezy Woofs Orange annoys a bunch of Cheezey Poofs.
341 Annoying Orange: Qwiky Mart Annoying Orange,Pear,Midget Apple, and Grapefruit go to Kwik Mart.
342 Annoying Orange: Lost Annoying Orange gets lost.
343 Annoying Orange: Pig-mies Annoying Orange annoys the pygmies. Then, the pygmies are tired of Oranges jokes so, they moved Orange to a new place.
344 Annoying Orange: Weenoyers. Orange annoys the meme Weegee.
345 Annoying Orange: Patrick Takes Over The Annoying Orange Patrick is going to take over The Annoying Orange but, Annoying Orange himself annoys Patrick Starfish.
346 Annoying Orange: ZomBoss's Annoyance Dr. Zomboss gets annoyed by The Annoying Orange.
347 Annoying Orange: We meet again! Orange meets the Apple he met in the first episode, and annoys him again.
348 Annoying Orange: Good Burger Orange orders at Good Burger
349 Annoying Orange: Chaos in The Kitchen Discord appears at the kitchen and makes chaos to it and Orange tries to annoy him to death.
350 Annoying Orange: WOO-Meanie Poo! Annoying Orange annoys a Bay Bee from Club Penguin
351 Annoying Orange: Annoyed Angry Beavers. It was a fine day for Norbert, and Daggett, until Annoying Orange showed up.
352 Annoying Orange: Pig Balloon Annoying Orange's Brother, and Annoying Orange annoy a pig, and a balloon.
353 Annoying Orange: Orange Oasis Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmalllow, Mr. Happy, and the oranges go to Orange Oasis.
354 Annoying Orange: The Fun Song Orange, Other Orange, Lemon, Banana, Kiwi And Apple make up in this fun song episode.
355 Annoying Orange: Grapefruit's Totally True Tales: How I Created The Annoyinator Grapefruit tells his son about the day Grapefruit created The Annoyinator. However, Orange interrupts Grapefruit by annoying him.
356 Annoying Orange: Egnaro Gniyonna Annoying Orange meets, and annoys his reversed self.
357 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage EXTRA BONUS It was another good day... until more fruits have been killed. Orange declares this episode is the last episode for Kitchen Carnage.
358 Annoying Orange: Trollin 3 The six trolls come again with four trolls, and calls Orange a Meanie Orange.
359 Annoying Orange: Ehi Applicous Annoying Orange annoys Ehi Apple.
360 Annoying Orange: Clockworked Orange. The Annoying Clockwork Orange gets annoyed by Annoying Orange.
361 Annoying Orange: Flashed Banana Annoying Orange annoys the most annoying fruit: The Flashing Banana.
362 Annoying Orange: Super Orange Orange pretends to be a superhero.
363 Annoying Orange: Annoying Game Annoying Orange plays E.T: The Video Game
364 Annoying Orange: Square Meal Anyone Orange annoys a pack of square foods.
365 Annoying Orange: Row Of Three Two Oranges visit Annoying Orange, and annoy a toaster.
366 Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage 7

Orange is so mad at knife that Orange squished Knife with Squash. More Fruits have been killed by Kinfe.

367 Annoying Orange: Grapefruit's Totally True Tales: The Attack Of The Evil Trash Monster

Grapefruit tells his son, sister, mom, and dad about the time he killed The Evil Trash Monster. Once again, Annoying Orange interrupts Grapefruit's story by annoying him.

368 Annoying Orange: Annoying Game 2 Orange plays Star Fox for the Atari 2600.
369 Annoying Orange: 2012 Frankenfruit Orange, Pear and Passion meet another tiltular monster.
370 Annoying Orange: Bloons Tower Orange Annoying Orange annoys a pack of Super Monkeys.
371 Annoying Orange: Angry German Kid 2 Annoying Orange annoys the Angry German Kid again, with the help of Navi, the fairy.
372 Annoying Orange: The Flabbed Virus Orange helps the Angry German Kid by annoying The Flob Virus.
373 Annoying Orange: Fun Song 2: The Singing Aliens Orange, Pear, Passion And An Elite Team Of Singing Aliens feature in this Fun Song Episode.
374 Annoying Orange: Mike, and Jovi vs Angry German Kid,Annoying Orange, and Pear Angry German Kid gets revenge on Jovi, and Mike from Pokemon. He gets help by The Annoying Orange, and Pear.
375 Annoying Orange: 3 Million Subscribers Orange has 3,000,000 Subscribers, and Pear clones him 3 million times.
376 Annoying Orange: Aqua Teen Orange Force Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow replace The Aqua Teens, and Grapefruit replaces Carl.
377 Annoying Orange: Liam The Zombie Leprechaun A Leprechaun God revives Liam to make him get his revenge on Annoying Orange.
378 Annoying Orange: Annoying Game 3 Orange plays SuperMan 64, one of the worst games ever made.
379 Annoying Orange: Lord Of Teh Rings Orange's Grandpa tells Orange about the story Grandpa kills evil Rings.
379 Annoying Orange: Discord's Revenge Discord gets his revenge on Orange, and tries to Penitrate the kitchen.
380 Annoying Orange: Grind Catcher Grinder Gets annoyed by Orange by calling him Griller.

Annoying Orange:

Do off VAIK

Orange's abrasive side returns, 

JA to kill Abrasive Orange.

382 Annoying Orange: Go!Annoy Orange some how is teleported to the world of Go!Animate. The only way to get back to the kitchen is to annoy the other people.
383 Annoying Orange: The Voodoo You Do 3 The Voodoo Apples create the first robot Voodoo Doll for attacking Orange.
384 Annoying Orange: Coffee BAM! Orange get banned by Coffee BAM! so, Orange must annoy him to be unbanned, with the help of Honeydew.
385 Annoying Orange: Wall-Nut Gets Annoyed Orange annoys a Twin Sunflower, a Repeater, and a Wall-Nut.
386 Annoying Orange: Dr. Pingas Orange Annoying Orange names Dr. Orange Dr. Pingas Orange.
387 Annoying Orange: Orange Through Time 5. Annoying Orange goes through time to annoy the pgymies, the big bang, Alvin and the chipmunks in their second show (this is the short version of an episode), and the arcade game named Donkey Kong ( Once again, another short version of an episode.)
388 Annoying Orange: Alvin And The Orangemunks Orange annoys Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.
389 Annoying Orange: Donkey Orange Orange annoys Jumpman, and Donkey Kong in the arcade game named Donkey Kong.
390 Annoying Orange: Santa's Sleigh Annoying Orange goes to Santa's Sleigh, and steals the presents.
391 Annoying Orange: Snow Show Orange gets a snow show from Mr. Noisy.
392 Annoying Orange: Trollmas A huge wave of trolls come for Christmas and criticize everything. Orange must make the trolls go away be annoying them.
393a Annoying Orange: Nya Nya Babble Sandy Claus Orange brings puns to a higher and new level when Santa Claus returns to the kitchen.
393b Annoying Orange: Sandy Claws Santa reveals his claws to make Orange stop annnoying him.

Season 5 (394-500)

394. Annoying Orange: A Orange In Disguise

Grapefruit disguises himself as Orange to get Passion Fruit to marry him but, Orange annoys Grapefruit.

395. Annoying Orange: Year Of The Orange

Orange says in the 395th episode, a new year arrives. Of course it's not true.

396. Annoying Orange: Annoying Game 4

Orange plays Haunted Halls Of Wentworth, one of the games in Action 52.

397.Annoying Orange: Penny Pinchers

Penny Pincher tries to steal Orange's Stones.

398. Annoying Orange: Jellfish Jammed

Orange gets banned again by JellyfishJam38 so, Orange must annoy him to be unbanned.

399. Annoying Orange: The Legendary Rox

In order to buy The Video Pack, Orange and Pear must steal Rox from Moshi Monsters.

400. Annoying Orange: Pig Badder

Orange annoys a Pig Bladder.

401. Annoying Orange: Miior

Orange hacks into his Wii, and annoys his Miis

402. Annoying Orange: Huntin Deery

Orange annoys all the Deer in the forest.

403. Annoying Orange: Toy Orangey

Annoying Orange annoys Woody, and Buzz.

404. Annoying Orange: Computer Orange Virus

Orange annoys a dinosaur-like Computer from a commercial.

405. Annoying Orange: Gronila Barred Spiral

Orange annoys a Gronila Bar.

406. Annoying Orange: Smurfs vs Angry German Kid, Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and Grapefruit

AGK is captured by Smurfs, and it's up to Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and Grapefruit to save him from the evil Smurfs.

407. Annoying Orange: Dr.Orange Tran

Orange annoys Dr.Tran, and his friends.

408. Annoying Orange: KOMPUTER ORANGELOAD

Orange annoys a computer, to when it gets overloaded.

409. Annoying Orange: Viacom Orange

Orange annoys Viacom to keep his subscribers.

410. Annoying Orange: Copyright Schooled

Orange goes to Copyright School by Viacom.

411. Annoying Orange: Fakie Code

Orange uses fake information to get rid of the two strikes made by Viacom

412. Annoying Orange: Annoying Super Mario 3

Mario, and Luigi come back into the kitchen with Wario, and Waluigi.

413. Annoying Orange: Animanorangacs

Orange annoys Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.

414. Annoying Orange: Handsome Patties

Orange creates Handsome Patties with his tounge.

415. Annoying Orange: Mama Marshmallow

Marshmallow's mother (Not the unicorn) tries to find Marshmallow.

416. Annoying Orange: My So Called Friend

Cheeze-It, and Orange have a friend named Little Pepper, who doesn't get annoyed.

417. Annoying Orange: A Blue Apple

Orange annoys a apple, whose color is blue.

418. Annoying Orange Voodoo 3: Other Orange

Orange, and Voodoo Doll annoy Other Orange.

419. Annoying Orange: Pencilmation

Oranges annoys Hank Hanky by calling him a fly.

420. Annoying Orange: Orange Gang

Other Orange, Orange Clock, and Evil Orange made a gang for villans.

421. Annoying Orange: Two's A Crowd

The Annoying Orange annoys Panini, and Anais.

422. Annoying Orange: Orange History: The Cavemen

Cheeze-It, Orange, Pear, and Little Pepper tell things about the cavemen.

423. Annoying Orange: My Little Passion

Orange, Midget Apple, Cheeze-It, Little Pepper, Marshmallow, Pear, and Passion Fruit sing My Little Pony in their own way.

424. Annoying Orange: Baby On The Back

Orange annoys a Baby Back Rib.

425. Annoying Orange: Pac-Man Word Rally

Orange goes to Pac-Man World Rally to annoy Pac-Man.

426. Annoying Orange: The Movie 2

Orange get amnesia, and Pear must get his mind back.

427. Annoying Orange: Orange History 2: The Dinos

Orange, Passion Fruit, Little Pepper, Cheeze-It, Pear, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow talk about The Dinosaurs.

428. Annoying Orange: Stupid Orange Service

Orange becomes the new owner of SBS ( Stupid Brodcasting Service.)

428. Annoying Orange: A Very Great Similarity

Orange watches Chinpokomon, and compares it to Pokemon.

429. Annoying Orange: Wazzup All-Stars

Lemon, The Party Platter, Bonzai Tree, The Manzai Birds, Sushi, Pear, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon, Chezz-it, Other Orange, Wassabi, and Orange all make up this wazzup episode.

430. Annoying Orange: The Ballad Of Little Orange

Orange spoofs The Ballad Of Little Joe from Veggietales.

431. Annoying Orange: Fishy Orange

Orange is up to no good when a Fish arrives

432. Annoying Orange: Home Super Star

Orange annoys Homestar Runner again by calling him a Road Runner.

433. Annoying Orange: Baloney The Food Dino

Orange annoys Baloney The Dinosaur.

434. Annoying Orange: It's an Orange's World

Orange and Pear get sucked into an altertate reality by a microwave, and must take on Liam the Leprechaun and his own monster to find a way out.

435. Annoying Orange: Evil' N' Evil

Evil Orange returns to the kitchen with Evil Pear.

436. Annoying Orange: Blooney

Orange, and Marshmallow annoy Blarney.

437. Annoying Orange: I Don't Have An Orange Hippo

Orange, and Marshmallow annoy Georgie The Hippo.

438. Annoying Orange: Did You Got A Hat

Orange Comes to a school to annoy Porky Pig.

439. Annoying Orange Meets The Candypears

Orange, and Pear meet the Candypears but, Orange can't find Pear.

440. Annoying Orange: Annoying Game 5

Orange plays Rugrats Scavenger Hunt.

441. Annoying Orange: Nuctritos

Orange annoys some Adiposes.

442. Annoying Orange: SpySheriff

Orange downloads SpySheriff which makes his computer have problems.

443. Annoying Orange: Adult Hitter

Oranges annoys Adolf Hitler.

445. Annoying Orange Gets A Medal

Orange gets a medal, and Passion seems to love him more.

446. Annoying Orange: Wazzup With The Aliens

Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, and some aliens make up this wazzup episode.

447. Annoying Orange: Loop De Poop

Orange annoys a loop de loop on a Rolllercoaster.

448. Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage POWERED UP

A lot of foods have been killed by Daneboe. Orange yells at Knife that this episode is the last episode of Kitchen Carnage.

449. Annoying Orange: Ms. PO-TAY-TOE Head

Orange annoys Ms. Potato Head.

450. Annoying Orange: Kraved

Orange annoys a New Krave Cereal.

451. Annoying Orange: A Orange's Life

Orange goes to A Bug's Life to annoy bugs.

452. Annoying Orange: Sten And Rimpy

Orange annoys Ren and Stimpy.

453. Annoying Orange: Annoying Hotmail

Orange goes to Hotmail to annoy Pear.

454. Annoying Orange: Molie Lolie Grolie

Orange annoys Rolie Polie Olie.

455. Annoying Orange: Don't Delete

Oranges says that if a person changes a episode, he, or she will get knifed. It was actually, a prank.

456. Annoyimg Orange: No More Mario

Orange protests about Mario, and says that if there are more Mario styled things, the show will become The Annoying Mario Orange.

457. Annoying Orange: Paris: Part 1

Orange, and the gang pack their bags and go to Paris.

458. Annoying Orange: Paris: Part 2

Orange finds out their are Rabbids in Paris but, Pear thinks they are Marshmallow's Cousins.

459. Annoying Orange: Paris: Part 3

Orange, and the gang try out things in Paris.

460. Annoying Orange: Paris: Part 4

Orange, and the gang go back to The Kitchen to tell what they have done in Paris.

461. Annoying Orange: Souper Bowler

The gang, and Orange go to The Super Bowl.

462. Annoying Orange: Fr-oo-t Loops

Orange annoys Toucan Sam, and his 3 nephews.

463. Annoying Orange Prank Call #2: Ask Hank

Orange, and Little Pepper prank call Hank Hanky.

464. Annoying Orange: 3,000,000 Cheeses

Cheese gets revenge on Orange by cloning himself (Cheese) 3,000,00 times.

465. Annoying Orange: Wazzup With Gogoriki: Pogoriki

Orange, Pear, 2.0 Orange, 2.0 Pear, Passion Fruit, and Pogoriki make this wazzup episode.

466. Annoying Orange: Wazzup With Gogoriki 2: Chikoriki

Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Passion Fruit, Apple, and Chikoriki make this wazzup episode.

467. Annoying Orange: Wazzup With Gogoriki 3: Rosariki

Orange, Nancy Nectarine, Passion Fruit, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and Rosariki make this wazzup episode. 468. Annoying Orange: Wazzup With Gogoriki 4: Wolliriki

Orange, Wasabi, a sheep, a sheepdog, Pear, Orange's Mom, Passion Fruit, and Wolliriki make this wazzup episode.

469. Annoying Orange: Death by Knife

Orange is trgically killed and all the fruit mourne him, until Oragnge reveals it was all a joke.

More episodes Coming Soon!

Season 6