"Annoying Orange: The Orange Show"
[[Image:Annoying Orange The Orange Show|center|240px]]
Episode: 57
Airdate: February 28, 2012
Episode References: The High Frucetose of Annoying Orange
Characters: Orange, TV, Pear, Voice, Fred MurkerApple, Fruitcake, Midget Apple, Knife, Marshmallow, Psycho Knife
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""Annoying Orange: Oranges of Wrath""
""Annoying Orange: Carty Orange""

Orange askes Sony to Called "TV" to Watching "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" & changes back & it creates a show!

With the QUIZ! Like FruitCaactiurf, That's Midget Little Motherf**king Table!, Ask Knife,That's Midget Little Motherf**king Table! 2 & Fred MurkerApple gets KNIFED! When Sony comes back and saying "Where am I?"

and Orange Says "Hey TV! You've got Pranked!" And he Laughs and Sony gets Jealous, And orange says "Your Not Laughing!" In the Asking Backround from  "The Orange Show" and "The Orange Show" DVD is Coming Soon from PBS DVD


Orange: Hey, Hey TV Hey!

Sony: My name is Sony, Not TV!

Orange: Hey TV!

Sony: SHUT UP!

Orange: When I get "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" on VHS!

Sony: Put me on this VHS called "Disney's Beauty and the Beast", or I can call Tina Rex from TAWOG or PUT THIS MOVIE OR I KILL YOU! YOU SON OF A--(Orange watching "Disney's Beauty and the Beast")

Orange: AHHH!

Pear: Relax Orange, it's just a Disney movie.