Annoying Orange: Technical Christmas!




December 24, 2010 (Daneboe episode) January 31, 2010 (realannoyingorange)

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Annoying Orange: Technical Christmas! is the 55th short in the Annoying Orange series.
AO Christmas


Apple is revealed to have survived his minor short-out, The Green Ninja, Lloyd ZX. and is having a conversation with Blackberry, Skales, Fangtom, Acidicus, Skalidor, Pythor, Spitta, Lord Garmadon, Iron Man, Mezmo, Lasha and King Ghidorah 2001 about who's software is better. When the conversation starts to get intense, Midget Apple, Serpentine army, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott and Shelly tries to break it up. The two insult Midget Apple about his size and they quickly become friends again. Orange then yells that Santa Claus is missing. The two phones wonder who "Sandy" is, and Apple Googles it and Blackberry Bings it, but there are no results for the search. Pear is busy reading the newspaper, but Orange annoyingly commands Chokun to look for Sandy. Chokun points out that he does have short legs, but Orange tells him to use his hands. Marshmallow chimes in and says that they should play "I Spy" to find him. Orange thinks it is a great idea, but Pear, Apple, Blackberry, and Midget Apple groan in frustration. Voltix, Slithraa, Fangdam, Lizaru and Bytar looks around, and sees "Sandy". Blackberry says it was just him, and that they should keep looking (he was playing next to him the whole time). Santa Claus says that he has been there the whole time and Marshmallow, Blueberry, and Buddy, The Great Devourer, Gumball and Darwin, sitting next to a candle, gets set on fire, and orange says that he should drop it like its hot. The characters all have a good time telling jokes and laughing. Then Orange says "Hey, Sandy!" and Santa says "It's Santa!". Finally, Super Gyaos says "Hey Candy Cane." Candy Cane replies "What?" Gamera 1996 and Godzilla 2000 then says "Hand!". Then a Hand comes in and snaps Candy Cane.



Skales and Pythor: Shelly! How did you survive?

Shelly: Daneboe sent me to Human Services to fix me!

Spitta: And now I can tell you our exact GPS coordinates!

Skales and Pythor: Boring! I have built in headphones!

Apple and Lizaru: At least I have good music...

Blackberry and Fangdam: What?! All you have is Lady Pasta songs!

Shelly: So what?! I have a longer warranty!

Blackberry and Slithraa: Oh, please! People will throw you out before it is even a concern!

Apple and Bytar: You don't have autotuning!

Blackberry: You have less apps!

Midget Apple: Hey, hey, hey, come on guys, break it up!

Apple: What are you going to do, ya tiny little midget apple?

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple!

Blackberry: Ha! you're so small, you could be the

King Ghidorah 2001 and Skalidor: Hey Apple, I thought apples were Red and green not blue. (laughs)

Blackberry and Serpentine Generals: (laughs)

Apple: (Sarcastically) Ha, Ha, Ha.

Shelly: And I thought Blackberries were black

Shelly and Midget Apple: (laughs)

Midget Apple: So are we friends?

Apple and Blackberry: Yep.

(record scratches)

Orange: Sandy Claus is missing!

Both Phones: Who's Sandy?

Apple: Wait, I'll Google it!

Blackberry: And I'll Bing It! Bing is alot better!

Both Phones: What!? No results!!!

Orange: Hey Pear, Look for Sandy.

Pear: Pardon?

Orange: Help us look for Sandy.

Pear: Oh, but I don't have legs.

Orange: Use your hands!

Pear: I don't have hands.

Orange: Then how are you holding that newspaper?

Pear: I don't Know, Telekinesis?

Buddy: I have two fingered hands!

Orange, Lord Garmadon and Spitta: We know that already!

Marshmallow: What, Sandy is missing, let's play I Spy to find Him!

Orange: Yep!

Everyone Else: (Groans)

Orange: I spy... (Looks Around), Sandy!!!

Blackberry: It's me.

Orange: Oh.

Blackberry and Black King: Keep looking.

Voltix and Zane ZX: I found Sandy!

Santa Claus: What, you found me, I have been here the whole time!

Orange: Really?

Santa: Yes!

(Random Candle falls on Buddy and Super Gyaos)

Orange: Drop like it hot! (laughs)

Everyone Else: (Laughs)

Great Devourer: Why did the bird fall out of the Tree?

Everyone: Why

Blackberry: Because it was dead!

Buddy- hit it.

Serpentine: My Poison Lives Of The Ocean, My Poison Lies Of The Sea, And The Home Of The, Freeeeeeeeeee!

Super Gyaos: Hey Sandy!

Santa: It's Santa!!!

Orange: Oh, Hey Candy Cane.

Candy Cane: What?

Gamera 1999: Hand!

(Hand comes in and snaps Candy Cane)

Candy Cane: Ahhhhhhhhh!

(Everyone screams)

(Everyone stops screaming and Marshmallow says "Yay!")

Orange: Why did you say yay?

Buddy: Christmas is fun!