"Annoying Orange: Punker Face"
[[Image:Annoying Orange Punker Face|center|240px]]
Episode: 7
Airdate: March 20, 2012
Episode References: Poker Face
Characters: Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit,

Midget Apple, Shelly, Marshmallow, Knife, [[Wee Pony]], Fred Figglehorn, Avocado Montoya, Pepper, every other surviving character in the (true) Annoying Orange series Six bomb beige flashback

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Annoying Orange: Punker Face is the 60th short in the Annoying Orange series.


Orange is singing to Pear, Passion Fruit sleeping, Midget Apple, Shelly, Marshmallow, Knife while slicing a Kiwi, Wee Pony (while playing Wii), Gumball and Darwin, Godzilla 2000, King Ghidorah 2001, Baragon 2001, Zaptor, Jawg, and Spike the Durian, but then, Pepper returns as a ghost and insults Ghostron. Midget Apple brings in a small Ghost Vacuum 10000 to suck up the ghost, Then Megalon, Reshiram, and Zekrom blasts the stone wall,Alien Tsuruk is building a set of stairs for the gang, Then Midget Apple uses the Soul Sucker, and it works. Everyone cheers for him and then he finally accepts being called "Midget Apple", but then Orange and the others start calling him "Little Apple", starting his quote "It's Midget Apple!", and then the others stopped. Later Avocado Montoya is sliced by Knife.


  • Pepper's ghost appeared in this episode, his whole body and skin appeared in 2012 frankenfruit as the body of the tiltular monster after Gourd.


Orange: (Singing) Lalalalalalala singing a song singing a song lalalalalalalala make everything wrong! (laughs)

Pear: Shut up! You sang that song one million times already!

Zaptor: I don't care! Right, Jawg?

Jawg: (laughing) Yeah!

Orange: Come on Pear, you love that song.

Pear: Grrrrrr. Alien Tsuruk: Just 23 more screws, then i'm done.

Passion Fruit: Will you be quiet it's late at night I'm trying to sleep!

Knife: And I'm trying to slice a kiwi over here I wanna hear peace and quiet.

Wee Pony: (Playing Wii Sports and neighing)

(Slicing is heard)

Kiwi: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (sliced in half).

Black End: Where he is gone, no fruit, snake, ninja, cat, fish with legs or monster may follow.

[Godzilla, Ghidorah, and Baragon fall asleep]

Spike the Durian: I like to be tough enough (laughs)

Orange: Hey Pear! Hey Shelly!

Pear and Shelly: (at same time) What?!

Orange: Wanna sing a song about Marshmallow and Midget Apple?

Midget Apple: That's little apple!

Shelly: UGH! Nobody cares!

Pear: Sing by yourself I'm not helping you with your stupid puns Orange.

Shelly: Yeah Orange, your puns suck

Orange (singing) Midget Apple is really small and Marshmallow is not tall! (laughs)

Marshmallow: (giggles) You're good at songs!

Orange: (laughs) Why thank you Marshmallow!

Orange and Marshmallow: (laughing)

Orange and Marshmallow: (laughing very hard)

Pear, Shelly, Midget Apple, Passion, and Knife: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown Voice: Be quiet little fools!

(Orange and Marshmallow stop laughing)

Ghostron and Earthtron: Whoa! Who said that?

(Pepper Ghost appears)

Pepper Ghost: Remember me Orange?

Orange: Pepper your back!

Pepper Ghost: That's right, and I'm gonna make you tell your feelings to Passion again.

Skales: Not again!

Passion Fruit: Orange, you can't let Pepper tell your feelings to me you will be in big trouble!

Gyabish: Here we go again!

(title plays)

Marshmallow: Look a fairy! (giggles)

Shelly: Yeah a rockin' fairy! (laughs)

Pepper Ghost: I'm not a fairy I'm a ghost! I kill people and will kill you! (Roars very loud)

Marshmallow: Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! I better get out of here! Grandpa Lemon take the engine and let me out of here!

(Grandpa Lemon's revenant appears stoping to pick up Marshmallow with Grandpa Lemon wearing a black helmet)

(Marshmallow jumps on the revenant)

Grandpa Lemon and Kiryu: YAAAAH!

(Revenant drives away)

Orange: Marshmallow! What have you done Pepper?

Pepper Ghost: MWHAHAHAHA! That fluffy white guy scaredy cat is gone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Orange: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Pepper Ghost: This time I'll suck your blood!

Orange: I don't have blood I have juice! (laughs)

Pepper Ghost: ARGGGH! I can't handle these stupid puns!

Orange: You're an apple! (laughs)

Pepper Ghost: Hey! I'm not a apple!

Orange: Still an apple!

Pear: Orange don't do puns or he will kill you!

Shelly: Orange we are serious!

Pepper Ghost: That's right and I have visiters here to talk to you!

(Ghosts of all killed fruits that died appear)

Orange , Black End, Mechagodzilla, R2- D2, Gumball and Darwin: Apple, TOE-MAY-TOE, Plumpkin, Barney, Muddy Buddy, Stupid Mario, Pain-Apple, Godzilla, Ms.Pacman, Gordo, Robin Hood, Lady Pasta, Jabba, Chocolate Ball, Talking Thing Of A Jing, Lizard Berry, Conscience! You're back!

Ghosts: That's right!

Alien Valkie: Avacado! you're back!

Avacado Ghost: Correct!

Passion Fruit: We're done for!

Shelly and Midget Apple: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Knife: I'll slice them!

(Knife tries to slice the ghosts but it didn't effect them)

Knife: Oh crap.

Pear: Midget Apple any ideas?

Midget Apple: That's little apple Pear!

Pear: Whatever. Listen, this is no time for jokes! Marshmallow left the kitchen with Grandpa Lemon and we need a plan!

Midget Apple: Well, I just got this soul sucker.

Pear: Good I guess we suck all those souls! Give it a try my little friend! (laughs)

Shelly: Gross!

Midget Apple: (laughs) Let's give this little baby a try!

(Midget Apple clicks the suck button but nothing happened)

Midget Apple: Awwww! It's not working I forgot to put batteries in this thing!

Pear: How will we get batteries!

Orange: Prank call Target!

Midget Apple: NO PRANK CALLS! We can go to prison for that! Let's just make a regluar call.

Orange: Ok, here is the phone number for Target.

(Orange shows the phone number saying 310-552-3399)

Midget Apple: Okay here we go dialing 310 552 3399. (Midget Apple dials the phone number)

(Phone rings)

Girl on the Phone: Hello this is Target how may I help you?

Midget Apple: We need a pack of double A batteries and make it fast apple!

Fred Figglehorn: What fast apple??

Orange: Knife.

Fred Figglehorn: (Screams while getting knifed)

Target Lady: I don't understand what you're saying so bye.

(The phone call ends)

Midget Apple: Oh man, that stinks.

Ghostron: You are all morons!

Apple Ghost: Take these people to prison!

(Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Shelly, Avocado Montoya,Gumball and Darwin, Spike the Durian, Passion Fruit, Godzilla 2000, King Ghidorah 2001, Baragon 2001, Knife, Constrictai, Hypnobrai, Fangpyre, Venomari, Jawblade, Black Phantom, Rodan, Mothra, Varan, Manda, Gorosaurus, Anguirus, Mechagodzilla, Kiryu, Gigan, Orga, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Treecko, Torchick, Mudkip, Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup, Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott, Pikachu, Axew, Angry Birds, Gikogilar, Demagorg, Alien Vermin, Glossena, Penny, Bobert, Tina Rex, Ghostron, Batman, Cosmo Liquid, King Tortoise, Gyabish, Leilons, Femigon, Gagi, Finn, Jake, Beemo, Satan Beetle, Velokron, Chameleking, Eleking, Dinosaur Tank, Alien Metron, Jirass, Black King, Telesdon, Gomora, Golza, Melba, Neronga, Gatanozoa, Master Chief, Cortana, Grunt, Elite, Brute, Hunter, Ghost, Banshee, Phantom, Spirit, Wraith, Seraph, Scarab, Locust and Black End are taken to everything jail)

Pumpkin Ghost: But what about the pony?

Pepper Ghost: We will kill it.

(Pepper pulls a knife and stabs Wee Pony)

Wee Pony: (neighing)

(Wee Pony dies)

Orange: Noooooo! Not my Wii Pony!

Pear: That's what you get for asking for a stupid pony!

Shelly and Passion Fruit: PEAR!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!!

Passion: Poor Pony.

(Pepper Ghost closes the jail bars)

Pepper Ghost: You're all staying here and never going to leave and return to the kitchen.

Spike the Durian: Now what.

Pear: Good idea Orange I'll call Marshmallow.

Marshmallow: It's not fair I thought that Pepper was fairy and scared me.

Grandpa Lemon: (snoring)

(Marshmallow phone rings)

Marshmallow: (clicks the phone) Hello?

Pear: Marshmallow we need your help go to a cake bakery and buy and put files and tools that we can escape prison.

Marshmallow: Next stop Grandpa Lemon the cake bakery!

Grandpa Lemon: Geromino!

(Grandpa Lemon drives on the revenant to the cake bakery)

Cake Baker: Hello what kind of cake do you want?

Marshmallow: Ice cream cake.

Cake Baker: Sure!

(Cake Baker puts Ice cream cake.)

Cake Baker: Here you go!

Marshmallow: Thank you!

Mario Ghost: Let's-A-Go!

(10 minutes later)

Pear: Shelly look the rupees.

Shelly: Pear, this is not Hotel Mario: The Quest For Dinner.

Pear: Yes it is.

Shelly: No.

Pear: Yes.

Shelly: NO!

Pineapple Ghost: We have a cake for Pear.

Pear: Yay! It's my birthday!

Orange: I wish I wasn't here.

Shelly: Same with me.

Pineapple Ghost: Here you go.

Pear: Thanks (opens the cake)

(The cake opens files and other tools to escape)

Orange: Just what we needed!

Orange: Let's go!

(Pear uses the file and breaks out of the prison cell)

Passion Fruit: Run quick they'll catch us!

Midget Apple: Just what I needed batteries for my soul sucker!

Orange: Hurry up and call the Covenant!

Midget Apple: That's little apple!

Shelly: (sighs) I'm getting sick of this.

(Orange and the gang get out of prison, Black End unlocks the prison gate and the Serpentine got out, The Birds got out of the gate, Godzilla and the other monsters break the gigantic wall, All of the Pokemon break out of the prison gate, finally, they all run and escape Everything Jail)

Pear: A stone wall! We're trapped!

Orange: Not if we can help it! POWER,LAZER AND ATTACK TYPE TIME! (Orange zaps lasers out of his eyes, The Monsters use their super abilities and the young 1 Electric type, 1 Dragon type, 4 Fire types,4 Forest types, and 4 Water types used there special attacks)

Pear: How did all of you do that?

Orange: Remember when I destroyed a city? The fans asked me.

Pear: No, all I know is that I came to the Moon with you. (Orange and the gang leave prison)

Pepper Ghost: Orange I don't care what you are up to but when I get your......huh?

Pepper Ghost: What he escaped?

Pepper Ghost: Get them!

(Ghosts come chasing Orange and the gang)

Pear, Shelly, and Passion: Run for it Orange!

Orange: What do I run for?

Ghosts: (making noises)

Orange: Aaaahhh!

(Orange and the gang stop to Grandpa Lemon's motorcycle)

Orange: Quick! Hop on!

Pear: But none of us can fit on the motorcycle.

Pepper Ghost: Too late! You guys just left my prison? You'll pay for this Orange!

Orange: What to pay? I have no money.

Pepper Ghost: For leaving prison.

Orange: Oh.

Pear: Reshiram,Zekrom, Megalon!

[Megalon, Reshiram,and Zekrom breaks the stone wall]

Orange, Power Rangers, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Sensei Wu, Nya, Neo Baltan and Lloyd: What do you mean now?

Pear: The soul sucker.

Orange: Hey! Hey Pepper! Hey!

Pepper Ghost: What?

Orange: Soul Sucker.

(The soul sucker sucks Pepper along with the other ghosts)

Orange: Well Pepper, so long sucker! (laughs)

The Gang: Horray! Little Apple!

Midget Apple: That's midget apple!

The Gang: Awwwww.

( The text says "iJustine as Passion Fruit" "Joe Bereta as Pepper" "Tayzonday as Avocado Montoya" "Nancy Letterman as Shelly" "Kevin Nalty as Knife" "Zach Scott as Pineapple" Fruity Question Of The Day "Do fruits have souls?" Mystery Orange Button takes you to Annoying Orange: The Sitcom)

(14 seconds)

Orange: Hey! Hey Dinoberry! Hey!

Avocado Montoya: (scoffs) What? What is it, Orange?!

Orange: Knife!

(Knife slices Avocado Montoya)

Avocado Montoya: (screams)

Knife: Oh crap, I did it again!

Orange: (sighs) How will we get back to the kitchen?

Pear: And where is Marshmallow I haven't seen him all day.

Marshmallow: Umm, I'm right here.

Orange: Hmmmm.

Six bomb beige:Sichuan