Annoying Orange: Annoying Tower Defense



Air Date

January 6, 2010

Known Deaths

Monkiwi: Got sliced by Knife Pineapple: Exploded


Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, Shelly, Midget Apple, Pineapple, Monkiwi

Episode Reference

Bloons Tower Defense


Orange: Hey Pear!
Annoying Orange Annoying Tower Defense

Pear: What is it already?

Orange: I was playing a game with Buddy and Mezmo on Ninja Kiwi! (laughs)

Midget Apple: Oh cool, what round are you on?

Orange: 50.

Shelly: Wow, that's great Orange.

Marshmallow: YAY! Easy peasy mode! HEHEHEHEHE!

Pear: Look, you just finished Round 50. Care to freeplay?

Orange: Yeah!

Pineapple: I'm back!

Orange: Hey Pain-apple! The game has you in it! (laughs)

Pineapple: (groans)

Orange: (babbles)

(title appears)

Orange: Hey Pain-apple!

Pineapple: (growls) WHAT!?

Orange: Explosion.

(Pineapple explodes while he screams)

Monkiwi: HEHEHE! Hello!

Orange: Don't interrupt me while I'm playing.

Marshmallow: Rainbows! HEHEHEHEHE!


Pear: WAZZUP!?

Mezmo: WAZZUP!?

Midget Apple: WAZZUP!?

Pear: (screams)

Mezmo: (screams)

Midget Apple: (screams with incoherent sounds)

Orange: (flutters lips)

Marshmallow: (screams)

Midget Apple: WAZZUP!?

Mezmo: (sing song) WAZZUP!?

Pear: (flutters lips)

Marshmallow: WAZZUP!?

Monkiwi: HEHEHE! That was fun!

Orange: Hey Marshmallow!

Marshmallow: Hey Pear!

Buddy : Hey Monkiwi. Got a secret...

Monkiwi: OOH! OOH! What will it be?

Orange: Fighter Jet.

(Monkiwi screams while getting shot 6 times by a fighter jet)

Midget Apple: (screams)

Blueberry: (screams)

Orange: (screams)

Marshmallow: I want game!

Shelly: Me too!

Pear: You can have it.

Marshmallow: YAY! HEHEHE!

Shelly: I love you Marshmallow.


Marshmallow: I unlocked Sandbox Mode! HEHEHEHEHE!

Midget Apple: Let's play it!


(still later)

Orange: Hey Marshmallow! What do you wanna spawn?

Marshmallow: Rainbows! HEHEHEHEHEHE!

Pear: Oh god, look at his set up.

Shelly: Crap, you're right Pear.

Marshmallow (while holding fast forward): HEHEHEHEHEHE!

(goes to another menu for 14 seconds.) (mystery button goes to "Lady Pasta".)

(back at the kitchen)

Midget Apple: What in the world is THAT!?

Marshmallow: Blimp, Midget Apple, Blimp! HEHEHEHEHEHE!

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple!


This is one time that someone other than Orange yelled Knife.

The Airdate was the two year anniversary of Bloons Tower Defense 4's release.

This is the first time a female or human was featured yelling "WAZZUP?!"

This episode was one release of one day other than Friday.

This is a another episode that someone exploded.

Fruity Question of The Day

Have you ever played another popular flash game? Tell me it's name!


Find a mustachio in the scene when they say WAZZUP!? It appears behind a bag and you can find him when Orange is fluttering his lips. Be quick.